Board Management Software is an electronic repository for meeting notes, documents, and actions items. The top portals offer various features to improve productivity and facilitate board meetings, including agenda creation distributed documents, e-signature capabilities, and much more.

The right software enables board members to be more productive and keep lines of communication open even between meetings. It is possible to run a board in the absence of software. However, those who do so are less effective, and suffer from issues with engagement and productivity.

Utilizing a dedicated board administration software platform, organizations can streamline governance and cut down on time and expense. The platform offers an secure method to store, distribute and organize information that helps directors stay up-to-date and satisfied.

In addition, the software reduces the chance of sensitive data being compromised by storing meetings minutes, organizational policies and financial reports in one place. It also enables users to secure confidential information by using a solid data management, encryption and certified physical storage facilities.

Boards that utilize a cloud-based board management system can eliminate the necessity for physical storage and distribution of email that are both insecure and time-consuming. The information is stored in a secure board portal which can only be accessible and viewed only by authorized individuals. This eliminates the necessity to keep multiple copies of sensitive information that can be lost or stolen and makes it much more difficult to bring frivolous lawsuits. Security and encryption that is top of the line are standard with OnBoard, ensuring the protection of the board’s content as well as members’ privacy.