Recent Spate of Serious Car Accidents in Seattle Area

Recent Spate of Serious Car Accidents in Seattle Area

A look at Washington headlines spotlights the perils facing drivers today, as a recent spate of car and motorcycle accidents have proved fatal for some innocent victims.

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Just two weeks ago, a 36-year-old Everett resident was killed on his motorcycle, when a car suddenly turned left in front of his bike. The fatal crash happened on Sunday, April 6 on Evergreen Way.

Officials are still investigating to see if drugs, alcohol or negligence played a role in the death of the Everett man. According to Komo News, the victim was hit by a vehicle that was traveling in the oncoming lane, after the driver – a 62-year-old man –turned left in front of the motorcyclist. The victim later died from his injuries at Providence Regional Medical Center.

Farther south, Renton was the scene of another tragic accident that seriously injured threeindividuals, including a toddler. Initial police reports say that the crash happened after the driver of a Honda unexpectedly swerved into the northbound lane of Highway 169, smashing into a Nissan Altima. At this point, Washington State Patrol is still examining the cause of the crash, though alcohol does not seem to be a factor.

And in downtown Seattle, just blocks from the Space Needle, a Komo News helicopter lost control and came crashing down, killing two passengers aboard and leaving another with severe burns. The March 18 Seattle accident also critically injured one unlucky motorist whose vehicle was hit by the helicopter as it slammed into the ground. Leaking fuel from the helicopter caught fire, sending a wall of flames down Broad Street, and catching two other cars on fire.

Given that the horrific accident happened in the heart of downtown, near the Key Arena and Space Needle, the number of casualties could have been much higher.


Establishing liability in a car accident that results in serious personal injury or wrongful death is a challenging task best undertaken by experienced legal professionals. At Wattel & York, our lawyers meticulously review each claim to determine if negligent or reckless behavior was to blame.

If you have been injured in an auto accident, you owe it to yourself and your family to seek the assistance of an accomplished personal injury lawyer in Seattle. A successful lawsuit can help you recover damages for all lost wages, medical expenses, physical disability, mental anguish, and injuries to a spouse.

Insurance companies are notorious for low-ball settlement offers, which don’t accurately reflect the full extent of your economic losses. We always fight for maximum damages that truly account for the pain, suffering and financial hardships placed on innocent car accident victims. To arrange your free consultation with one of our attorneys, please call toll-free at 877-333-9545.


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