Do I need an attorney?

Unrepresented, a claimant is no threat to the insurance company. The thing that most often prompts settlement of any claim including that of diminished value is the threat of litigation. Litigation costs insurance companies money. To avoid the expense they may be willing to settle. Without the threat of suit they will offer what they want […]

How do I find an expert?

One cannot just go to the phone book and look up post-repair inspector nor go to the web and find someone local. We suggest contacting us toll free, free of charge at 1 (877) 572-4143 so we can recommend someone qualified locally to you. You may email us at as well.

My vehicle is more than five years old do I still have claim?

Maybe. Typically, vehicles that are less than five years old without prior damage and a decent amount of damage in the subject accident qualify. Any brand new vehicle with any damage no matter how small may qualify and any vintage vehicle or collector’s car with any damage may as well. There are exceptions and of […]