Play is an essential aspect of child development. Children need outdoor play, which means they need to have access to safe playgrounds. Playgrounds give children the opportunity to get the exercise they need while making friends and having fun, but they are also a place where children suffer injuries every day. More than 200,000 children are injured in playgrounds every year. In fact, more children are injured on playgrounds than in car accidents. Nearly half of all playground injuries, about 90,000, are fractures, dislocations, amputations, internal injuries, and concussions—that is, severe injuries. Worse, an average of 15 children die in playground accidents every year. Strangulation and falls are the most common causes of playground deaths.


Playgrounds have to be carefully designed and well maintained to prevent children from being injured. Those responsible for the design and upkeep of children’s playgrounds have a duty to ensure that they are free of dangerous or defective equipment, that they are covered materials that absorb impact in the event of a fall, that there are no ropes or chains located where they can cause strangulation, and that there is well-placed seating for adults to supervise the children.  Age and height restrictions should be clearly posted.

Those who own and design playgrounds are responsible for keeping the playgrounds safe by providing equipment appropriate for the children who will be using them, maintaining the equipment in a safe condition, maintaining sufficient shock-absorbent surfacing material, and limiting the height of the equipment. When a child is injured on a playground because of negligent design, maintenance, or supervision, the family may have a claim to recover money for the child’s medical treatment, pain and suffering, and any other losses resulting from the accident.


Children depend on adults to provide them with safe opportunities for play. If your child has suffered injuries while playing on a playground because of an unsafe condition, call the Seattle, Washington child injury attorneys at Wattel and York to schedule a free case evaluation. We believe in holding those who provide playgrounds for children accountable for their safety. There are no up-front fees and no legal fees at all . . . unless and until we win your case.