Property owners are responsible for maintaining their premises in a safe condition, and this means taking reasonable precautions to prevent people on the premises from becoming victims of crime. This is especially important if the property is located in an area that is known for criminal activity. In any area where a reasonably foreseeable likelihood exists that a crime may occur, owners need to take appropriate steps to protect the people who are legally on their premises.  These may include hiring private security guards, installing window locks, security cameras, gates to secure the property entrance, and bright lighting in stairways, hallways, parking lots, garages, and elevators.


Crimes occur in all kinds of places, including malls, stores, garages, storage facilities, hotels, motels, schools, apartment buildings, hospitals, parks and many other places. When these places are open to members of the public, people expect to be safe, and owners of these properties are responsible for creating a safe environment.


When residents, guests, customers, students, or patients become victims of crimes, such as robbery, assault, homicide, rape, abduction, or other violent or property crime, they may be able to recover damages from the negligent property owner who allowed the security breach.

The attorney for the victim will have to show that the owner either knew or should have known that a crime was likely to be committed and was negligent in securing the premises, that an injury or loss occurred, and that the negligence was the cause of the injury or loss.

Some of the conditions that indicate lax security are low or no lighting, open gates, broken or missing locks, no security guards, no electronic security, failure to monitor existing security system, not performing criminal background checks of employees or contractors on the premises.


If you or a member of your family has been injured as a result of a crime that occurred on someone else’s property because of a problem with security, you should consult an experienced a security negligence lawyer.

The security negligence lawyers at Wattel and York are ready to conduct an investigation on your behalf, which may involve photographing the scene of the crime; examining police reports; interviewing security guards, if any, and other employees or witnesses to the crime; determining if electronic security was in place and if it was properly monitored; and whatever else is necessary to show the property owner’s negligence in allowing the crime to happen.

We will investigate the circumstances of the crime that caused your injury and pursue a claim to get you a recovery sufficient to compensate you for medical bills, other financial losses, pain and suffering, and psychological distress caused by the crime.

At Wattel and York, we fight for individuals who have been injured in Seattle, Washington,  because of someone else’s negligence or wrongdoing.  Schedule a free, no-obligation consultation with our premises liability lawyers today. Our fee is contingent upon your monetary recovery, so you pay nothing out of pocket.