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Wattel & York is a highly successful personal injury and property damage law firm in the United States, boasting more than 50 years of combined experience in litigation. We can help you with the following legal issues: personal injury, automobile accidents, motorcycle accidents, boating injuries, slip and falls, product liabilities, dog bites, nursing home neglect cases, and diminished value claims.

We pride ourselves in being aggressive litigators who work hand-in-hand with clients to dictate the value of each individual case rather than let it be dictated by an insurance company. If the company refuses to pay what the case is worth, we will file suit and fight until they do so, whether by settlement or judgment.

We have a sparkling record in gaining appropriate settlements: more than 95% of our clients have gotten more money offered or awarded than what the insurance company initially presented.

That fact should convince you that litigation is the smart way to go and Wattel & York is your vanguard in being treated fairly.

Not every law firm fights as aggressively as we do.

If you want an aggressive stance taken against an insurance company that may be trying to take advantage of you, we are the right firm for you.

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We believe strong communication with a client fosters a smooth process and a sufficient settlement. It is instrumental to our philosophy and keeps the client updated. And, of course, it is simply the right way to do business.

David Wattel, one of our founding attorneys, travels the United States teaching other attorneys and physicians the best ways to establish, develop, and enhance their personal injury businesses.

His expertise also extends to diminished value and other property-damage issues, topics he addresses when he speaks to auto body shops and related professional associations.

While Wattel & York’s primary office is located in Chandler, Arizona, we have several offices located throughout the country including California, Washington, and Arizona.

We are associated with co-counsel in other states that can represent clients nearly all over the country in all areas of personal injury, automobile accidents, motorcycle accidents, boating injuries, slip and falls, product liability, dog bites, nursing home neglect, and diminished value.

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