Work is a big part of nearly everyone’s life, and it is important that workers can feel confident of their safety, wherever they work. Some jobs are inherently more dangerous than others, and for those it is even more important that rigorous safety procedures and inspections are in place to protect workers on the job. When these steps are not taken on your job site and you are injured because of someone’s negligence, the Seattle workplace injury lawyers at the law firm of Wattel & York can help you get the compensation you deserve.


United States Bureau of Labor Statistics data show that in 2010, 3,063,400 people in private industry reported work-related injuries or job related illnesses, with 4,690 fatalities. This figure is undoubtedly lower than the actual number, since many injuries go unreported. When you have been injured on the job due to someone’s negligence, several sources of compensation may be available to you. You will be able to determine how to proceed with a claim in Seattle by consulting Wattel & York.


Serious accidents occur most often at worksites with OSHA violations. The most common are various construction site accidents, accidents caused by defective machinery or industrial equipment, improper or missing safety devices on machinery, improper operation of machinery, exposure to chemicals, and improper electrical wiring. Overall, work-related traffic accidents and falls are the most common accident types. Fishing, logging, construction, farming, sanitation, aviation, roofing, and mining are high on the list of the most dangerous jobs, based injuries and fatalities per 100,000 workers. But workplace accidents can happen anywhere, even in offices.

Workplace injuries are generally covered by Workers’ Compensation. But when someone other than the employer, a third party, has caused an unsafe condition on the site and a serious injury occurs because of it, that party may be held liable for negligence and the injured person may have a claim against them to recover damages.


As seasoned workplace injury lawyers with many years of experience in pursuing injury claims, at the law firm of Wattel & York, we know how to identify and prove negligence in the workplace. If you’ve been injured on the job, you should immediately arrange a consultation at our Seattle office to discuss the circumstances of your accident. We will begin investigating right away, while the evidence is intact, to determine who may have contributed to the unsafe condition that caused your injury, and we’ll handle the insurance claims adjusters on your behalf.

We understand that Workers’ Compensation is simply not adequate to compensate for your losses following a serious workplace accident. We are committed to protecting the rights of workers and their families when they are victims of workplace negligence. We will do everything in our power to identify anyone who may have contributed to the accident and will do everything possible to negotiate a full and adequate settlement of your claim. If a sufficient settlement offer is not made, we will never hesitate to take your case to court and try it before a jury.

If you or someone you know has been injured at work in Seattle or anywhere in Washington, call us today to schedule an appointment for a free review of your case. We accept cases on a contingency fee agreement, so fees and expenses come out of your verdict or settlement, and you pay nothing at all unless we win money for you.